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Home Lighting Arrangements can Help you to Save Energy

With energy costs going sky high there is a global impetus to save and conserve energy. Although lighting is pivotal to the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a house and ultimately to it's property value, home lighting arrangements can help you save energy in many ways.

Energy saver ceiling lights are available in a variety of attractive designs. India is facing significant growth in electricity demand and could benefit greatly by using energy efficient lighting systems.

Best practices in lighting systems.

  • Installation of energy efficient fluorescent lamps instead of conventional fluorescent lamps.
  • Installation of compact fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent lamps
  • Installation of LED panel indicator lamps instead of the usual filament lamps
  • Solar lighting systems wherever they are a viable option.

At Fos Lighting there are a wide variety of solutions for conserving energy in the home. The dolphin Small Energy saver light is perfect for providing ambient light for the foyer, living room, conference rooms and waiting areas. Its clean and modern design makes it aesthetically pleasing aside from being energy efficient.

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Contemporary Squarish SMO6 wall light- is an energy saver, low maintenance and easy to clean. It has a minimal look and is discreet and understated. Slender energy saver adjustable task lamp- this energy saver task light is ideal. It has a one point adjustment allowing you to focus light anywhere you want it.

Energy saver flexible desk lamp with 11 W mini CFL- This is a slender energy saver CFL task light which is handy and energy efficient. It would be a perfect choice for a study lamp or bedside reading lamp.

FOS-SUR-VER-HL3- antique finished and lacquered cast brass pendant lights with glass shades. This gorgeous piece is also a energy and money saver.

Modern Energy saver tapered hanging light- this pendant light is sleek and contemporary in it's design. It can be used in the kitchen over the eating area or as a corner hanging light. The contemporary energy saver pyramid ceiling light has a dramatic effect on the decor. This contemporary light has an acrylic diffuse for a glare free wash of light.

In nova energy saver bedside reading spot light-This light is made from a brushed steel tubular frame that sheds focused light on the space. Use this energy saving sconce as a highlight for your art and sculpture pieces or as a reading light. 6X6 tapered stainless steel SS energy saving light- this is a stainless steel and glass ceiling light which has been sealed with lacquer for strength and durability.

Fos Lighting also offers the ultimate energy saver- the 14 Watt Philips Genie warm white B22 CFL. These energy saver ceiling lights make your home energy efficient, Eco friendly and attractive.

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