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Blue and White Ginger Jar

How much are you loving the blue and white ginger jar trend? Ever since I picked one up last summer in an antique store in Winnipeg I have fallen head over heels. I am always keeping my eyes open to add more to my rotating collection of blue and white ginger jars that make their way in and out of the shop.

These vessels we're originally used by the Chinese to store herbs and spices, but we're often given as gifts as well. They come in many other colours aside from blue and white, such as red, yellow, and green, but the blue and white ginger jar is the most popular among home decor accents today.

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Since I began collecting and selling them, I've come across so many shapes and sizes of these jars. I currently have one in my living room that once served a purpose as an umbrella stand! While I would love to get it up on the Francoise Vintage Etsy shop and give it a new home, it is not in the best condition and due to it's size, shipping would be challenging. Other ones I've picked up have ranged from five inches tall to over twenty.

My favourite way to style the blue and white ginger jar is to fill it with fresh flowers, specifically pink ones (if you're into specifics). However, these jars are so versatile you can display them in so many different ways, with or without flowers. Right now I have a set of two sitting in our bathroom side by side sans flowers.

If you're not into scouring antique shops, and prefer instant gratification, below are a few of my favourite blue and white ginger jars from around the web. I also happen to be stocking three gorgeous blue and white ginger jars in the Etsy shop myself here, here and here, all $75 and under.Take a look and happy decorating!

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