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Killing time at Target

We we're queuing in aisle six after killing some time at The Target.

We live in rainy, dratty, dreary WA. I'll express nicer sentiments in June.

So we go to The Target to survive.

My husband works nights, sleeps days. The minions and I do this for sanity.

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By pure accident I discovered, last night, that if I take my boys to buy running shoes, no one cares if they run back and forth to make sure they feel good.

So we will be doing THAT again soon. hashtag nojoke.

They went to bed so well last night.

So there we were. In?? On?? Lane six. Stuck behind a lady with five gazillion COUPONS (thank you, Mr. White) who saved $96.17. Yes I DID ask her what her secret was because I would like to only spend $12.45 when I go to Target as well.

Whilst waiting for every one of those COUPONS to get scanned, Ami decided to remind me that she didn't want to be there, and Liam and Logan decided to treat themselves to a frolicking game of "Let's See If We Can Get Mom's Cheeks To Match The Cashier's Shirt".

Each line increasing in volume, it went something along the lines of:

"Ring around the rosy

Pocket full of posies

Ashes, ashes


No, I'm not sure what we do all day. Yes, they win. Forever.

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