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Building a chicken coop?

I have no idea why this particular page doesn't show up as the first result on Google, but another page from their site, but this is the place to go.

Just give me the plans!

Now before you take of in that direction, if you stick around and keep reading below I will give you some tips that will hopefully save you time money and effort when building your coop. If not I hope you enjoy the plans.

My oh my! I just about forgot. I've been thinking of changing this site. There's I really like about the site http://archwayinsurance.ca. Not actually positive exactly what exactly but wanted opinions 😉 Comments on this would be great. Ok getting back to it!

Tips and suggestions

I'm already on the third revision of my chicken coop. I built it by browsing sites like the one above and then coming up with my own design to fit perfectly into the area it sits in. What I am suggesting, it will be more valuable to learn and experiment rather than trying to replicate exactly someone elses chicken palace. This will be less frustrating, more educational and more rewarding.

Here's my first tip: Build the house before you get the chickens.

If you are remodelling you are in trouble. Chickens are very curious and they will be happy to climb around your tools and materials and getting in your way; worse than children. They will also be interested in anything that is moved, dug in or dug up.

Something you need to understand about building a chicken coop is that it is essentially a carpentry job. The more time you spend on reading and learning about woodwork, joining bits of wood together and making wooden frames the better your end result will be.

Second tip: Get yourself a spirit level.

This is a reasonably cheap peice of equiptment and will save you plenty of trouble when understanding why your square piece of wood doesn't fit exactly. This may not be so much trouble if you are building a portable tractor, but is definitely necessary if you are building smoething permanent and you are hammering supports into the ground.

Third tip: Invest in some good screws.

Don't use whatever screws you have lying around. If you are putting together your chicken coop together from recyclee goods I suggest you invest in some decent screws. I've tried banging something together with a variety of screws and it is just a pain in the neck. Google or go to your local hardware store and ask for "treated pine screws".

If you are using recycled materials try to avoid particle board as it degrades quickly in the weather. You can see many designs in the linked site above that use recycled pallets or fence pailings, try and get a reasonable quality wood.

If you are going to paint the coop, look for ano eco friendly paint low toxic paint and just paint the outside of the coop.

I do hope you enjoyed reading this. I ought to point out this was suggested by Sam from royal insurance agency. of course always love thoughts and opinions.


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