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Want to Know the Secret to a Passionate Marriage?

Ask yourself, what are you most passionate about. Is it golfing, shopping, cooking, jogging, fashion, sports?

Great marriages have absolutely nothing to do with luck. Our emotions are fickle and our feelings change daily. Our passion in marriage can easily slip away if we stop putting forth effort to make our marriages great.

When you first fell in love and the relationship was new, passion was natural. You enjoyed spending as much time together as possible. As the years progress, many couples find themselves passionate about other things and a lot less focused on the passion in their marriage. Hurts, frustrations, and life in general rob our spouse of the best of our time and energy.

Its not about how much time you spend together. We all have work, kids and plenty of chores and hobbies to keep us very busy. It is about the quality of time that you spend together. Just because you are in the same room together, traveling together or out to dinner together; does not mean you are having quality time.

Every marriage needs a lot of work to make it healthy and passionate.

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Here are a few suggestions that really work:

1. Spend at least 30 minutes daily (just the two of you alone & no TV) talking. The art of conversation has been interrupted by kids, chores and television. Find a quiet place and talk about your day, goals and yes, feelings. Do not try to manipulate the conversation and never criticize what your spouse has to say. Engage in a short time of connecting daily.

2. Plan a date night. It is best to do this once a week but at least do this monthly. The date is for just the two. Keep the communication positive (this is not the time to talk about problems and the kids).

3. Pray together daily. Prayer changes things and brings closeness. If for some reason your spouse can not do this with you; do it daily by yourself. The power of prayer is huge!

4. Have fun together. This is so important. You have to discover ways to have fun together. It does not have to be extravagant, to be fun. My hubby and I love to go for walks, cooking together, play games, watch movies, etc. He and I are exact opposites. We look for things to do that we both enjoy and usually end up taking turns figuring out something to do for fun. Even if it is not something I really want to do, I make sure to press in and make it fun. Sometimes we just head to the grocery store and smooch in the isles we are all about making each day count and having fun regardless of the circumstances.

Making a commitment to do this daily will eventually restore some of the feelings you felt when you first fell in love. No husband wants to come home to an angry, complaining wife that is too busy with the kids to give him the quality time he deserves. No wife wants to be ignored and feel like her day and feelings are unimportant to her husband.

Investing in your marriage takes time and planning. You might have to start out slow; but starting slow is so much more productive than not starting at all.

What do you think?

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