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Baby Development in the First Year

Every parent wants to be assured that their baby is developing at a normal rate but whilst all babies go through different milestones in the same order the pace does vary from baby to baby. However it is possible roughly gauge how your baby will develop in his or her first year. As you are probably aware, your baby will have growth spurts but you will also see development spurts too. Movements tend to be quite jerky to begin with but become smoother as the baby gets older.

Baby Development Stage at One month

Your babys body will not be very straight yet but he will be able to raise his head slightly. He will make tight fists of his hands and anything which is placed in the palm of his hand he will grasp due to a reflex action.

Baby Development Stage at Two months

At two months he will be able to raise his head slightly more and be able to hold that position for a couple of seconds. His hands will start to open more and his grasp will start to become voluntary rather than a reflex.

Baby Development Stage at Three months

Your babys body will now be uncurled and his legs will be extended. He will be able to hold his head up. He may still not be able to grasp things for long but his hands will have opened up.

Baby Development Stage at Four months

At four months, if you place your baby on his tummy he should be able to support his upper body on his forearms and will be able to roll on to his side or even on to his back. His hands will become a source of great fascination for him and he could spend hours looking at them and playing with them.

Baby Development Stage at Five months

Your baby will be able to fully push himself up on his arms and will be able to roll from back to side. He will start to grasp objects with both of his hands and will probably start to enjoy a new game of sucking his feet.

Baby Development Stage at Six months

Your baby will be able to sit unsupported for a few seconds and will be able to twist in all directions. He might be able to turn his wrist and hold an object between his thumb and forefinger.

Baby Development Stage at Seven months

Your baby will be able to sit on his own for a longer time, particularly if he can lean forward slightly to balance himself. He will now be able to hold an object with both hands.Baby Development Stage at Eight months

At eight months your baby will be able to sit completely on his own and will be able to turn around. He will getting into a crawling position and will be able to grasp small objects with his hands.

Baby Development Stage at Nine months

Your baby will be trying to crawl although this may be in a commando style by pulling himself along with his arms. He may start poking things with his finger.

Baby Development Stage at Ten months

Your baby will be able to crawl with straight arms and legs and will probably be trying to pull himself in to a standing position. He will also now be able to hold two objects in one hand.

Baby Development Stage at Eleven months

At eleven months your baby will be able to toddle when supported and will be able to cruise along the furniture unaided. He will be able to feed himself with finger food and give and take objects.

Baby Development Stage at Twelve months

Your baby will start to stand by himself or even take a few steps. His coordination will improve constantly and he will be able to roll a ball across the floor. As I said these milestones are only guideline.

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Your baby will develop in his own time so don't try and force him to do so more quickly than he wants just help and encourage him all you can.

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